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Benomyl Announcement

May 9, 2001

DuPont has voluntarily pulled benomyl from the market. Their April 19 announcement is detailed here. Benomyl has not been available for landscape use for years, but many of you still have product and may be interested in this announcement. Contact Rich Carver, product registration manager, DuPont Crop Protection, with questions.

Also, please note that a new fungicide is available for homeowners. I am sure it will be confused with benomyl because of the name. The product is Bonide Bonomyl, which contains thiophanate-methyl as an active ingredient. You will see this product in the new Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Guide.

WILMINGTON, Del., April 19, 2001–Today DuPont informed its customers around the world that it will discontinue the manu-facture of its fungicide benomyl and will phase out sales of Benlate® in all its forms from the global market. No sales will occur after December 31, 2001, and we expect all product will clear the channels of trade by the end of 2002.

DuPont advised customers that this is not a product recall, but a voluntary business decision based on a review of global market conditions and other factors. The decision is part of the recently announced restructuring to improve the overall competitiveness of its agricultural businesses.

A significant element of the reason to withdraw is that the company is no longer willing to bear the high and continuing costs of defending the product in the U.S. legal system where factors other than good science can influence outcomes. In addi-tion, there are significant ongoing costs and resources necessary to meet increased regulatory requirements around the world and keep the product active. The company believes those resources are better applied to other areas of the business.

DuPont remains fully confident that Benlate® is safe when used as directed. The 30-year-old fungicide has been an excellent crop protection option for growers worldwide.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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