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Plant Clinic Findings

July 5, 2000

Many of you have asked what diseases we are seeing at the Plant Clinic, so I have prepared a short list of some of the more significant disease findings. Of course, we do see insect, cultural, and other problems as well. On trees, we have seen Verticillium wilt; Dutch elm disease; oak wilt; Sphaeropsis blight of pine; rust and scab on crabapple; anthracnose of sycamore, maple, and oak; Sirococcus blight of conifer; Botryosphaeria canker of crabapple, redbud, and willow; and Cytospora of spruce. Other ornamental hosts have yielded Phoma stem blight of vinca, Cladosporium of peony, as well as virus and black spot of rose. Vegetable problems have included bacterial canker, Verticillium wilt, and Septoria leaf spot of tomato. On fruit, we have seen plenty of black rot on grape, fire blight of apple, black rot of strawberry, and damping-off/root rot of melons. Let us know what you are seeing and what you would like discussed. You can send an electronic note to npataky@uiuc.edu.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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