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First Issue of 2000

April 12, 2000

Welcome to the first 2000 issue of Home, Yard & Garden Pest Newsletter. In it we will provide the landscape professional with timely information about the pest insects and diseases occurring on ornamental plants and turf, as well as articles on weeds and their management. Twenty issues of the newsletter will be published throughout the growing season, including a couple this fall. We will begin with biweekly issues through April. From May through mid-July, issues will be weekly, followed with biweekly issues from mid-July through September. We will finish with single issues in late October and November.

Comments about the newsletter are welcome, as well as observations of pest activity. This newsletter provides quality information to the professional horticulturist, and your input helps to improve it. Contact either the author listed at the end of each article or the newsletter coordinator, Phil Nixon. Our phone numbers are listed at the end of each issue of the newsletter.

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