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White Grub

July 21, 1999

Annual white grub and Japanese beetle adults are numerous in many areas of the state, and turf areas continue to go dormant with the hot, dry weather. The high numbers of beetles combined with the dormant turf result in large numbers of eggs being laid in irrigated turf. Annual white grub adults do not feed so they are only present for about two weeks. They should be disappearing soon. Japanese beetles also tend to decrease in numbers at about this time in July, but enough remain to continue causing feeding damage to ornamental plants.

Application of imidicloprid (Merit, Grubex) or halofenozide (Mach 2, Ortho Bug-Be-Gone) to irri-gated turf at this time should be effective in preventing grub damage in August. Turf areas that are not irrigated or only occasionally irrigated should be scouted in early August to determine if applying a shorter-lived insecticide is necessary. Many of these areas may not have enough eggs laid in them to justify control.

Author: Phil Nixon


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