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Honeysuckle Leaf Blight

May 26, 1999

A fungal disease called Insolibasidium blight (formerly Herpobasidium blight) has been reported in the western part of the state. The disease occurs only on honeysuckle and only on new growth. Look for new leaves or shoot tips that are crinkled, rolled, or tan. There may be tan lesions with a yellow margin, often at the tips or edges of leaves. Although this disease is most common in the spring, new leaves can continue to be infected through the summer. Summer infections have a white powdery spore covering on the lower side of new leaves. The fungus is favored by moist, moderate temperatures.

Although this disease is not widespread, it can cause heavy blight on susceptible plants. It is easy to control with Fore or mancozeb fungicides and removal of fallen leaves.

Author: Nancy Pataky


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