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Have You Tried These Test Kits Yet?

May 12, 1999
As a turfgrass manager, you may want to consider investigating a newer tool that is useful for difficult-to-identify turf diseases, such as yellow patch. Neogen Co. has been marketing ELISA test kits for a number of years now. You can find them on the Internet at http://www.neogen.com, or phone (517) 372-9200. The test kits are relatively quick (about 15 minutes) and easy to perform, and they can be used to positively identify the presence of turf pathogens such as Rhizoctonia (both R. solani and R. cerealis), Pythium (many species), and dollar spot (many species of Sclerotinia). Each kit is disease-specific, costs $100, and contains enough materials to conduct four individual tests. It’s not cheap, but it is very useful for doing your own “calibrating” a few times during the season.
Author: Bruce Paulsrud


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