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Plant Clinic Changes for 1999

April 28, 1999
In the first issue of this newsletter, we discussed the Plant Clinic at the University of Illinois and talked about its services. Please pass this information along to secretaries in your offices. These people are traditionally the ones who need the information to help clients. For some reason, secretaries are the last to hear about changes. Since the late 1970s, we have been charging for samples submitted to the Plant Clinic.The charge pays a portion of clinic costs and allows the clinic to remain open. To be able to break even, we will have to raise the fees this season. We have tried to keep the increase minimal. The fees for 1999 follow: $12.50 for regular samples $18.75 for samples involving soybean cyst nematode, pinewood nematode, and special virus testing $40 for corn nematode assays The fees must accompany the samples (no change) and will not be processed by the clinic until the diagnosis is completed. Fees should be paid by checks made payable to the University of Illinois or the Plant Clinic. Remember, the clinic does not open until May 3, so hold samples until that date. If you have questions about the clinic, feel free to contact Nancy Pataky at patakyn@mail.aces.uiuc.edu. Before May 1, I can be reached by telephone at (217) 333-2478. The Plant Clinic telephone number is (217) 333-0519. (Nancy Pataky)
Author: Nancy Pataky


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