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April 14, 1999
Welcome to the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 1999. Throughout the growing season, we will strive to provide you with information about current disease, insect pest, and weed problems on trees, shrubs, turf, flowers, greenhouse plants, and other ornamental landscape plants. Weíll also try to predict the problems that are likely to occur. Articles will be written primarily for the professional ornamental horticulturist.

Our schedule will start out with two biweekly issues followed by weekly issues throughout the spring and summer into mid-August. From mid-August through September, issues will be published biweekly. We will finish out the season with monthly issues in late October and November.

Although we try to keep abreast of pest activity occurring throughout the state, we canít be everywhere at once. We are always interested in reports of pest activity that you are seeing in the state. If you wish to report activity, contact persons and telephone numbers can be found at the end of each issue of the newsletter. Call Nancy Pataky with disease information, Tom Voigt with turf weed information, Dave Williams with ornamental weed information, and Phil Nixon with insect pest information. If you have information about more than one type of pest, contact Phil Nixon, the newsletter coordinator, and he will distribute the information to the proper person. For more information about a pest mentioned in the newsletter, or to take issue with the authorís views, please contact the author of the article. That personís name will appear in parentheses at the end of the article; again, telephone numbers can be found at the end of the newsletter. (Phil Nixon)
Author: Phil Nixon


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