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1998-1999 Commercial Handbook Updates

November 25, 1998

In January 1998, the Illinois Commercial Turfgrass and Landscape Pest Management Handbook was changed from an annual to a biannual publication. Persons who purchased the 1998-1999 handbook should note the following updates. Anyone who purchases or has purchased the handbook will receive this information on a flyer.

Chapter 1, Table 7: Chemical Control of Turfgrass Diseases
  • Add the fungicide Heritage to the list of pesticides labeled for gray leaf spot (p. 11).
  • Switch the comment sections for Pythium blight and red thread (p. 13).
Chapter 3, Table 1: Common and Trade Names of Widely Used Insecticides
  • Add the following insecticide (p. 63)

spinosad (common name), Conserve (trade name)

Chapter 3, Table 2: Recommendations for Insect Pest Management in Trees and Shrubs
  • Add the following statement to the management suggestions column for bagworm (p. 67), black vine weevil (p. 67), Cooley spruce gall (p. 68), eastern spruce gall adelgid (p. 69), eastern tent caterpillar (p. 69), honeylocust plant bug (p. 71), Japanese beetle (p. 71), lacebug (p. 72), leafhoppers (p. 72), and plant bugs (p. 75):

"Cyfluthrin is not labeled for use in nurseries."

Also in Chapter 3, Table 2 (p. 72), change the following statement in the management suggestions for leafhoppers from:

"Permethrin is for use on nursery stock only."
"Ambush and Pounce are for use on nursery stock only."

Author: Phil Nixon


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