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Additional Resources: Illinois Commercial Landscape & Turfgrass Pest Management Handbook

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Get the latest information on weed, insect pest and plant disease control for turfgrass, trees, shrubs and herbaceous ornamentals. Includes current restricted-use pesticide record-keeping requirements, safe and effective pest control application methods and a list of registered pesticides for use in Illinois. 

You'll never be behind when it comes to important information! 

A summary of changes and updates to information in the 1998-99 Illinois Commercial Landscape & Turfgrass Pest Management Handbook will be free on the World Wide Web, January 1999. Print copies will also be avaliable for a fee.
Publication Number: ICLT-98
Cost: $10.00, plus shipping
To order, call 1-800-345-6087 and mention promotion code P105.
Also order via e-mail through ACESPUBS@uiuc.edu or ACESPUBS@idea.ag.uiuc.edu
MasterCard and VISA accepted. Discounts avaliable on multiple-copy orders. Be sure to inquire.

Author: ACES-ITCS Ag Services


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