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Winter Annual Weeds

Winter annuals—including henbit, deadnettle, and common chickweed, plus garlic mustard, yellow rocket, and other wild mustards—have been quite colorful this spring, ranging from white to yellow to purple.

A complete understanding of the life cycle of winter annuals is important when deciding on control measures. Winter annuals germinate in the fall, overwinter as seedlings, flower in the spring, then die in late spring as temperatures rise. If you have a problem with winter annuals this year, make a note of it and consider applying a preemergence herbicide this fall before they germinate again. Many products labeled for landscape use (including Barricade, Pendulum, Predict, and Gallery) will control winter annuals before they germinate.

If you are not willing to wait for natural dieback and if mechanical control is not feasible, you can control these weeds with postemergence herbicides such as Roundup Pro or Finale.

Author: Rhonda Ferree


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