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First Issue for 1998

Welcome to the first of 22 issues of the Home, Yard and Garden Pest Newsletter for 1998. The second issue will appear in two weeks, followed by weekly issues from May through early August. Issues will return to biweekly for most of August and September, with one issue planned for late October and one for late November.

This newsletter is now available by subscription on the World Wide Web. Because we do not have to use paper or postage, Web subscriptions are $25 (compared to $28 for a regular subscription). Another advantage of Internet subscription is more timely information. Most people receive their newsletter about 10 days after the authors write the articles. This delay is because of the time involved for editing, producing, printing, and mailing each issue. The Web version will be available in about half as much time. The Home, Yard and Garden Pest Newsletter Web site is at http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/cespubs/hyg. Web subscribers will receive a login name and password for full access. Nonsubscribers can visit the site by using guest access.

As always, we will let you know what we are seeing and hearing about in the way of disease, insect pest, and weed occurrences throughout Illinois. We will also try to predict the pests that will be showing up, and when. We will report any new pests, pesticides, and nonchemical pest management methods pertinent to landscape maintenance professionals.

Because this newsletter is only as good as the information it provides, we encourage you to contact any of the authors with details concerning the occurrence of pests in your area. Author telephone numbers are listed at the end of the newsletter. If you have comments about a particular article or want additional information, contact the article’s author (name listed in parentheses at the end of each article). Any general comments can be sent to the newsletter coordinator, Phil Nixon.

Author: Phil Nixon


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