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Changes at the Clinic for 1998

November 26, 1997
The 1997 season was a good one at the Plant Clinic in terms
of sample volume‹we handled just
over 3,000 samples this year. In terms of turnaround time,
it was one of the worst years in the past
twenty. Part of the reason for our problems was the timing
of the greatest influx of samples. Because
of the extended cool, wet spring and early summer, plant
problems were thriving for all of June and
half of July. Generally the heat of summer slows things down
enough that clinic staff can catch up.
That never happened this year and we were behind from mid-
June to closing.

Action has been taken to try to increase staffing for
1998. Nothing has been promised, but hopes
are high for additional help in the areas of plant
pathology, entomology, and weed science.

Beginning in 1998payment must accompany the samples.
We do not have a separate billing office
at the clinic and to institute one would double existing
fees. Far too much staff time is spent on
billings and associated paperwork. Payment sent with the
samples should free up office staff to help
decrease turnaround time.

As you know, insect samples were also processed at the
clinic this year and will continue for 1998.
These samples will be subject to the same $10 fee. Insect
samples are handled by entomologists, but
the paperwork and letters are processed by clinic staff.
We look forward to a more efficient season in 1998 and
encourage any helpful suggests you can
offer. Send them to Nancy Pataky at N533 Turner Hall, 1102
S. Goodwin, Urbana, IL 61801 or

Author: Nancy Pataky


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