Issue 14, August 29, 2017


Large numbers of adult armyworms are being found in the Midwest. These moths have reddish-brown wings, and a wingspan of about two inches. The dark brown moths with one-and-one-half inch wingspans that are very common now are green cloverworm adults. Their larvae feed primarily on legumes.

Armyworm adult moth.

Armyworms were covered in issue 5 of this newsletter published on May 30, 2017, so refer to that issue for more information. Armyworm caterpillars feed on turfgrass at night in large numbers. In a single night, they can eat all the grass blades off half a lawn; they will eat the other half and part of the neighbor's lawn the next night if not controlled.

Armyworm larva on Kentucky bluegrass.

They are most common in turf areas abutting wheat, oats, and other small grain fields. Many insecticides are effective if applied in time. Grazed lawns will rapidly grow new grass blades with adequate moisture. (Phil Nixon

Phil Nixon

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