Issue 14, August 29, 2017

Pollinator Conference

The second national conference on 'Protecting Pollinators in Urban Landscapes' will be held October 9 - 11 in Traverse City, Michigan, giving landscape professionals a unique opportunity to hear some of the best experts in the country on this topic.  Arborists, city foresters, lawn and landscape professionals, public or private garden managers and golf course superintendents will all benefit. The program is packed with gems for landscapers and arborists, starting with an entertaining keynote address by Lawrence Packer,  professor and author of "Keeping the Bees" and "Bees: A Close-up Look at Pollinators Around the World." Several speakers will be addressing best management practices for landscapers and arborists, including one entire session.  The conference is designed to be fun as well as educational, so plan on hearing plenty of discussion following presentations and on meeting lots of cool people between sessions, at meals, and in the evenings.

Leafcutter bee on viburnum flower.

The conference has a maximum registration count of 200, so don't wait too long, but there are still plenty of slots open at this point (August 15th).  Also, rooms are still available in the conference hotel (Park Place Hotel, Traverse City).   Finally, there is no better place to be for fall color! 

Visit this website to see a complete program:

And you can download the brochure or register here: (Dave Smitley, Michigan State University and Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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