Issue 2, May 1, 2009

Newsletter Update

The Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter is up and running at: If you are accessing this newsletter off of the old site’s URL, realize that it is only functioning to transfer you to this new site. You should adjust your favorites menu to the above URL. You can also access this newsletter off of our IPM website at: This site has a variety of fact sheets and other information as well.

We are still working on making the new website fully functional. Past newsletter articles and search options to access them will be added. We will also be reinstating e-mail notification of new issues so keep a watch out for that option to appear on the website.

Because the newsletter is now free of charge, those who paid subscriptions will be reimbursed. That process was implemented about three weeks ago, but it can take four to six weeks or longer for processing through the University of Illinois accounting system. If your reimbursement does not arrive within the next month or so, there is a contact address on the front page of this newsletter’s site.--Phil Nixon

Phil Nixon

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