Issue 15, September 7, 2016

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald ash borer continues to spread through the state. Several months ago, the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA) deregulated the insect, lifting restrictions on movement of firewood and other materials that might contain emerald ash borer within the state due to it being widespread in Illinois.

Emerald ash borer larva and tunnel.

However, IDA is still interested in knowing which counties have emerald ash borer. The attached map shows the year in which counties were discovered to contain the pest. The most recent county in which emerald ash borer was discovered was Franklin County.

If you find emerald ash borer in a county not listed on the map, please collect larva, pupa, or adult specimens and give them to your local IDA Nursery Inspector. The specimen must be sent to a USDA lab for verification before a county can be listed, which the inspector will facilitate. If you do not know who your local IDA inspector is, contact your local University of Illinois Extension for assistance. If necessary, the local Extension office can contact the U of I Plant Clinic. If you are unable to obtain emerald ash borer specimens, the local IDA inspector will help. (Phil Nixon & Scott Schirmer of IDA)

Phil Nixon

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