Issue 10, June 29, 2015


Centipedes are also elongated like millipedes, but have only one pair of legs per segment and are fast-moving. They have one pair of obvious antennae. The last pair of legs are elongated and extend behind as they move.


Some centipedes are very slender, appearing almost like a thick thread with short to long legs depending on the species. They wind back and forth, making many tight turns as they run. Others are much thicker-bodied and generally have shorter legs. Most are yellow, tan, or dark brown in color. House centipedes are less common outdoors than in basements. They are purple with extremely long legs that allow them to run very fast.

Centipedes feed on insects and other small animals, particularly springtails and mites. They become numerous as prey increases. They are most common in damp areas and can build up to large numbers in thatch where they feed on insects and other small animals that feed on decaying plant material. Insecticide applications are not recommended to control beneficial animals outdoors such as centipedes. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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