Issue 3, May 11, 2015

*UPDATE - Illinois Invasive Awareness Month Symposium

We have reached our on-site capacity for the for the Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month (ISAM) Symposium Thursday, May 28. The symposium will be broadcast online and will be available later as a recording thanks to University of Illinois Extension and Illinois Natural History Survey, a division of the Prairie Research Institute at University of Illinois.  

The Illinois Invasive Species Symposium is a one-day, all-taxa symposium that features talks on current and emerging issues surrounding invasive plants, diseases, insects, and animals in Illinois. Featured as the culmination of the 2015 Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month, the event also includes the ceremony for this year's Invasive Species Awareness Month Awards.

If you are interested in viewing the online option, we ask that you still register at and the link will be emailed to you to access on the 28th. (Kelly Estes)

Kelly Estes

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