Issue 14, August 26, 2013

New Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App

The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App is a joint effort to provide a way to easily submit digital images of plant problems or pests on the go. This App is available for iOS and available for free download in the iTunes store. Farmers, homeowners, greenhouse and nursery growers, agricultural specialists and others now have a new mobile application resource to identify plants, plant diseases, insect pests and other plant problems. It allows users to take and send digital photos and plant-problem descriptions to any of the eight participating labs. The following labs are accepting submissions on this App (note exceptions for KY & NH):

  • Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • University of Connecticut Plant Diagnostic Laboratory
  • University of Illinois Plant Clinic/ University of Illinois Extension
  • University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (County ANR/HORT Agents Only)
  • Michigan State University Diagnostic Services Laboratory
  • University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab (UNHCE Field & State Specialists only)
  • Ohio State University C. Wayne Ellet Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic
  • Purdue University Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory

Submissions are sent to the labs using the iPhone or iPad built-in mail app, which requires an email account on the device. The University of Illinois Plant Clinic is not charging a fee for this service; however other diagnostic labs have specific fee policies, so users should check with their preferred lab for details.  Right now Kentucky and New Hampshire laboratories will only accept samples via the app from Extension educators and specialists who have a proper passcode.

You can search for it by going to the App Store, using the following link:  Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App, or using your iPhone to scan the QR code below:

This Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App has been described as "easy to use" and it will guide you through the submission process.  The App includes submission forms with customized questions about agronomic crops, weeds, vegetables, houseplants and more.  Contact settings can be saved, so that information will not have to be entered every time you use the App. Photo tips such as, "provide pictures of the plant, plant problem, or pest in its entirety", "from middle distance, as well as up close", will be given to users to aid in the diagnostic process.

Once the pictures arrive in my email inbox, they will be evaluated as soon as possible.  There could be a delay during the growing season; as priority is given to the diagnosis of samples that are submitted to the U of I Plant Clinic.  Please do not expect a diagnosis with every picture submission.  Often times, I will list possible problems, refer you to links to help you further investigate the problem, or even suggest that a sample be submitted to the U of I Plant Clinic.  

The Plant Diagnostic Sample Submission App was developed by IN3 (, located in the Purdue Research Park of West Lafayette. (Stephanie Porter)

Stephanie Porter

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