Issue 13, August 9, 2013

Invasive Species Roundup

Emerald Ash Borer. In July, emerald ash borer was confirmed for the first time in Whiteside County. An infested tree was identified on the county's fairgrounds location in Morrison. Thus far, the infestation appears to be localized.

In neighboring Iowa, emerald ash borer was confirmed in Burlington (Des Moines County) on July 10 and most recently in Fairfield, Iowa (Jefferson County) in late July. News on EAB and other Iowa invasives can be found at the Iowa Tree Pests website.

Asian Longhorned Beetle. USDA has declared August as "Tree Check Month" and urges the public to take 10 minutes check their trees for signs of ALB. Asian longhorned beetle was officially declared eradicated in Illinois in 2008. However, residents should still remain vigilant to the potential of this invasive insect being reintroduced.

Thousand Cankers Disease. Earlier this summer, West Virginia was added to the growing list of states that has established an exterior quarantine to protect its state's walnut resources from Thousand Cankers Disease. This recently updated map illustrates states where TCD has been confirmed and states that have enacted quarantines. Surveys are being conducted throughout Illinois to determine if the walnut twig beetle, the vector of Thousand Cankers Disease is present in Illinois.

Visit the Illinois CAPS blog for all the latest news on invasive pests in Illinois or contact Kelly Estes ( with any questions. (Kelly Estes, State Survey Coordinator, Illinois Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey Program)

Kelly Estes

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