Issue 7, June 10, 2013

"Keeping Up" with the U of I Plant Clinic

I was recently asked the question, "How can I keep up with the U of I Plant Clinic and the latest research on plant problem management?"  I was relieved to receive such an easy question.  The answer to this question is social media!  The U of I Plant Clinic has a Facebook page called, The University of Illinois Plant Clinic, which can be accessed at:  The same information that is shared on our Facebook page can also be seen by following @skporter on Twitter.

Follow the U of I Plant Clinic at:

Follow @skporter on Twitter at

What does the U of I Plant Clinic post/share on Facebook or tweet on Twitter?

  • Pictures of recent plant samples received at the Plant Clinic
  • Articles from the Home, Yard, and Garden Newsletter as well as other Newsletters from the University of Illinois and other research institutions
  • University of Illinois Plant Clinic Blog posts
  • Questions with answers that have recently been received at the U of I Plant Clinic
  • Posts from other Plant Clinics in the U.S. or around the world
  • University of Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program Information
  • University of Illinois Extension information
  • Updates from the U of I CAPS Program – Pest Surveys at the Illinois History Survey
  • Press Releases
  • Invasive Species Information
  • Program and Webinar information

How often does the U of I Plant Clinic post or tweet?

The U of I Plant Clinic will post or tweet around 7 times each day, during the week.  The U of I Plant Clinic does not usually offer any social media on weekends or holidays.  These posts/tweets can be easily accessed by checking your social media account on a regular basis.  On Twitter you can choose to "turn on mobile" notifications, so that you can be alerted via your phone when the U of I Plant Clinic has tweeted daily information.

Why should you follow the U of I Plant Clinic on Facebook or Twitter?

By utilizing social media, the U of I Plant Clinic can quickly send out information pertaining to plant problems in a timely manner, so that you can act fast. The latest research regarding integrated pest management of weeds, insects, and diseases can be easily viewed in your home on your computer or in the field on your phone or other hand held device with internet access.  The U of I Plant Clinic social media following continues to grow each day and we hope that you will choose to follow us too, so that you can "keep up" with the latest plant problem issues and information. (Stephanie Porter)

Stephanie Porter

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