Issue 1, April 22, 2013

First Issue of the Year

Welcome to the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter for 2013. This newsletter is published during the growing season to help ornamental horticulturists manage pest problems as they occur. Arborists, landscapers, lawn care personnel, golf course employees, garden center operators, and other professionals are the target audience of this newsletter. Although homeowners will find useful information, they should realize that control options and pesticide recommendations will be those appropriate and available for the professional.

Issues are published on-line only starting in mid-April. The next issue will be in two weeks in early May. We will have weekly issues during May and June, followed by issues every two weeks during July, August, and September. We will finish the year with a single issue in mid-October which will contain an index to the previous year's articles. This will total 17 issues.

We will provide timely articles in each issue on diseases and insect pests of trees, shrubs, turf, flowers, and other ornamental plants. Reporting on what we are seeing, being reported to us, and what we are predicting to occur within the next week or two. We will have occasional articles on weeds as well.

Illinois is 400 miles long from north to south, resulting in pests typically occurring one month in Cairo in extreme southern Illinois before they occur in Rockford in extreme northern Illinois. This phenomenon is very prevalent in the spring; take note of where diseases or pests are reported and make allowances for their time of appearance in your area.

We are always interested in your input either in reporting diseases or pests that you are seeing or in comments about the content and quality of this newsletter. We are looking forward to helping you have a productive year. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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