Issue 17, September 24, 2012

IPM Training Modules

Thanks to the Illinois IPM Grant, many University of Illinois Specialists have been busy creating a series of online training modules which cover pertinent pests, weeds, and diseases. Topics will focus on newly emerging, exotic, or invasive pests as well as pests which have generated significant questions or concerns. Each module will include information on how to identify the pest as well as current management options - stressing those methods which offer the best long term control with minimal environmental impact.

The training modules can be accessed at the following link:

You will need to create a log in and password to have access to the following training modules:

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Sudden Oak Death (not found in Illinois)
  • Thousand Canker Disease (not found in Illinois)
  • Illinois Spruce Problems

Look for future topics such as:

  • Downy mildew of impatiens
  • Emerald ash borer
  • Boxwood blight
  • Burr oak blight

Once you choose a training module topic, you will be introduced to the pest or disease and learn its distribution/history, host plant(s), pathogen or vector, symptoms, look-a-likes, diagnosis, management, references, and take a quiz.

Through continued educational efforts, we hope to increase awareness on prudent gardening choices and preferred IPM practices. (Stephanie Porter)

Stephanie Porter

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