Issue 14, August 13, 2012

Zimmerman Pine Moth

This is the time of year to spray the trunks and major branches with bifenthrin (Onyx), cyfluthrin (Tempo), permethrin (Astro), or other labeled insecticide to control Zimmerman pine moth. The moths have been laying eggs in the southern two-thirds of Illinois and are about to emerge in northern Illinois.

Zimmerman pine moth.

Zimmerman pine moth damage.

After a couple of weeks, larvae hatch from the eggs to spend several weeks crawling around on the trunk and major branches before finding an overwintering site. During this time, they are very susceptible to an insecticide residue on the bark. Scotch, Austrian, and red pines are the most commonly attacked trees. Spraying can be confined to the lower ten to twelve feet of pines under eight inches in diameter as this moth rarely attacks higher in the tree. It also is not a trunk problem on larger trees, although scaffold branches can be attacked. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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