Issue 14, August 13, 2012

White Grubs

Be alert for white grub damage over the next couple of months. Damage will appear as wilting, browning turf that is easily pulled back due to the grubs eating off the roots. Although damage is most likely in untreated, irrigated turf, every year there are cases of damage in non-irrigated turf. Frequently, this is limited to only one part of the lawn or other turf area, so treating the entire lawn is not necessary.

White grub larva.

In non-irrigated turf, pay particularly attention to areas near small trees that have been irrigated. Generally, adults of Japanese beetle and masked chafers do not lay eggs under trees, but the irrigated grass near small trees with little canopy would have been attractive this year during the drought.

Infested areas can be treated with trichlorfon (Dylox) or chlorantroniliprole (Acelepryn) as both will kill the grubs in just a few days. Other insecticides are also effective, but live grubs will be found by curious homeowners. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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