Issue 13, July 30, 2012

Seedcorn Beetles

Seedcorn beetles, Stenolophus lecontei, have been reported in large numbers in turf in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and California. The adult beetles are slightly over one-quarter inch long, oval, and yellowish-brown to brown with two large, black oval spots on the back. In the past, only adult beetles were found burrowing into golf greens in September and October. Recently, larvae were found in a green in Kentucky.

Seedcorn beetle adult

Seedcorn beetle larvae are predators that feed on feed on other insects in the soil. The adults are primarily predators on other insects. They get their name from feeding on germinating corn and other seeds in the soil, particularly those that are slow in germinating in cold soil. No damage has been associated with these beetles in turf, so control is not recommended. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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