Issue 6, May 29, 2009

Scouting Watch

Emerald ash borer adults are emerging in McLean County. Marion Shier, Crops Educator in Livingston County, found adults coming out of an ash tree in his yard in Chenoa, IL on May 26. Most were still in the process of tunneling their way out of the tree. Just in time, Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA), USDA APHIS employees, and municipalities in cooperation with IDA have set many of the large, triangular, purple emerald ash borer traps throughout the state.

In southern and central Illinois, bagworms should be hatching. Because the caterpillars blow from tree to tree for the first couple of weeks, we recommend holding off on insecticide applications for a couple of weeks so that additional applications are not needed. It is also time to treat for roundheaded appletree borer and flatheaded appletree borer. Peachtree borer and viburnum borers are also susceptible to control at this time. Elm leaf beetle, mimosa webworm, and whitemarked tussock moth larvae are susceptible to control.

In northern Illinois, euonymus scale crawlers and euonymus caterpillar are controllable. Flatheaded appletree, roundheaded appletree, peachtree, and viburnum borers are also susceptible to control. Gypsy moth larvae have hatched and should be young enough for very effective control for at least the next couple of weeks.--Phil Nixon

Phil Nixon

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