Issue 5, May 21, 2012

Homeowner Pest Guide

"Pest Management for the Home Landscape" is now available for purchase at $24.95 plus shipping. It can be ordered online at, or by calling 1-800-345-6087.

This is the updated version of the "Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Guide" and contains the University of Illinois Extension recommendations for the control of weed, disease, and insect pests of trees, shrubs, turf, vegetables, fruit, and households. It also contains a chapter on IPM and pesticide safety. It is written for Do-It-Yourselfers so all of the pesticide recommendations are for general use pesticides.

Garden center personnel find this publication useful in selling the proper pesticide or other control method. Landscapers, lawn care personnel, and other professionals find it handy in helping clientele with questions outside of their area of service, such as pests associated with fruit, vegetables, or buildings.

The "Commercial Landscape & Turfgrass Pest Management Handbook" is written for the professional's use and is available through the above sources. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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