Issue 3, May 7, 2012

Weather & Insect Emergence

The weather over the last week has varied in its effect on insect development throughout the state. Insect development is generally governed by a base temperature of about 50 degrees F. Based on growing degree days with a base temperature of 50 degrees F, southern Illinois is about two and one-half weeks ahead of the historical average and central Illinois is two weeks early. Northern Illinois is about one and one-half weeks early.

Although temperatures for the next few days are predicted to be very warm, cooler temperatures are predicted next week. In previous years, early springs almost always had a May cool spell. Last year, you may remember that we had about ten days in May when the highs were around the 50's degrees F. We may achieve "normal" insect development yet this spring as it relates to calendar date. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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