Issue 2, April 30, 2012

Scouting Watch

Following are the most common pests that should be in susceptible treatment stages. Be sure to scout to verify that the susceptible stages of the insect are present before applying controls.

Northern Illinois: Birch leafminer young larvae; elm leaf beetle young larvae; European pine sawfly feeding larvae; Gypsy moth feeding larvae; pine needle scale crawlers (first generation), black turfgrass ataenius (first generation); lilac (ash) borer newly hatched larvae; oystershell scale (brown) crawlers.

Central Illinois: Bronze birch borer newly hatched larvae; emerald ash borer adult emergence; flat-headed appletree borer larval hatch; peach tree borer newly hatched larvae; viburnum borer newly hatched larvae; oystershell scale (gray) crawlers.

Southern Illinois: Emerald ash borer flight; elm leaf beetle larvae; mimosa webworm larvae; peach tree borer egg-laying; whitemarked tussock moth larvae; viburnum crown borer newly-hatched larvae. (Phil Nixon)

Phil Nixon

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