Issue 13, July 30, 2010

Thank You and Farewell

This is my last article for the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter. I want to take this opportunity to thank my loyal readers, as well as those who are new to the newsletter, for taking the time to read and question what we have to say. I am about to start my next phase of life--retirement. Some say I am too young to retire. I certainly feel that I am too young. Still, I have worked as the Plant Clinic Coordinator, Plant Clinic Assistant Director, and Plant Clinic Director for over 30 years now, so obviously I am not too young to retire. There are parts of the job I will not miss, mostly related to grants, forms, and reports. I will definitely miss interacting with clients and trying to help growers with plant disease problems.

The first image in this article is not my young replacement. In fact, that happens to be me near the beginning of my career when I was told that if I worked at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic for 5 years, then I could probably move on to bigger things. I enjoyed those first 5 years and the 25 additional years that followed. The second image is me as well, but in November of 2009.

I would like to announcement my replacement, but as of this writing, such a person has not been announced. Part of my duties will be assumed by an IPM coordinator. The internal search for that person is nearly complete. It is hoped that most of my diagnostic duties will be assumed by another “diagnostic” person yet to be named. Evidently the search processes take much longer than any of us could have imagined, so for a few weeks the Plant Clinic may be in a state of transition. Be patient. I believe the ship will soon be righted.--Nancy Pataky

Nancy Pataky

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