Issue 3, May 8, 2009

Scouting Watch

Bridal wreath spirea, or Vanhoutte spirea (Spiraea x vanhouttei), is blooming in southern and central Illinois. This is a major phenology plant in Don Orton's book Coincide. Following are the most common pests that are in susceptible treatment stages during Vanhoutte spirea bloom.

Full bloom: Birch leafminer young larvae; elm leaf beetle young larvae; European pine sawfly feeding larvae; gypsy moth feeding larvae; pine needle scale crawlers (first generation), black turfgrass ataenius (first generation).

Full to late bloom: Lilac (ash) borer newly hatched larvae; euonymus caterpillar early webbing, oystershell scale (brown) crawlers.

Finishing bloom: Bronze birch borer newly hatched larvae.

Most blossoms brown, still a few white: Flat-headed appletree borer larval hatch; peach tree borer newly hatched larvae; viburnum borer newly hatched larvae.

Bloom finished: Oystershell scale (gray) crawlers.--Phil Nixon

Phil Nixon

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