Issue 13, October 22, 2020

Index 2020

The following is an index to the pests and other topics addressed in the 2020 issues of the Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter. Each Item is followed by the issue number in which it appeared.


Grass seed 8
Household hazardous waste collections 11
Illinois pesticide applicator training and testing 1, 11, 12
Moles 7
Pesticide application errors 5
Pesticide spray drift 5
Pesticide storage 6
Protecting pollinators 2
Spring clean-up 1
Tips for dealing with the neighbors' weeds 1
University of Illinois Plant Clinic 1, 4, 6
Voles 3
Winterizing spray equipment 14

Insects & Other Animals

Aphid lion 8
Asian giant hornets 3
Bagworms 4
Billbugs 9
Buffalo gnats  
Carpenter bees 7
Chinch bug 8
Cicada killers 7
Eastern tent caterpillar 1
Fall webworm 8
Hawthorn leafminer 2
Hover flies 10
Japanese beetles 6
Lilac borer  
Magnolia scale 9
Milkweed insects  
Oystershell 2
Oak lace bug  
Periodical cicadas 4
Pine Beetles 11
Spruce spider mites 1
Viburnum leaf beetle 5, 12
White grubs 9
Whiteflies 10
Zimmerman pine moth 1


Basil downy mildew 8
Black spot of rose13
Biscogniauxia canker1
Boxwood blight2
Cedar-apple rust9
Cedar-hawthron rust9
Cedar-quince rust9
Cytospora (leucostoma) canker5
Elderberry rust6
Guignardia leaf blotch11
Gymnosporangium Rusts8, 9
Laurel wilt10
Maple leaf blister4
Oak wilt7
Pear trellis rust8
Rhizosphaera needle cast5
Seasonal needle drop12
Stigmina needle blight5
Sudden needle drop (SNEED)5
Sycamore anthracnose4
Tar spots on maple9
Tubakia leaf spot10
White pine decline12


Broadleaf plantain7
Buckhorn plantain7
Broadleaf weed control10
Pavement, controlling weeds on4
Garlic mustard2
Ground ivy3
Yellow nutsedge6

Travis Cleveland

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