Issue 15, August 28, 2009

Send Clinic Samples Soon

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic is a seasonal clinic operation. It is open May 1st each year and closes September 15th. As I look around the clinic now, it hardly seems that things have begun to slow down. In fact, the late start to the season has been followed by a late finish. Regardless, seasonal help leaves soon and the clinic will again close on September 15th. If you have samples that you have been putting off sending, do so soon.

Although staff will be at the clinic until the end of September, they will be finishing up samples, organizing paperwork, cleaning, and preparing for next season. We will not accept new samples after September 15th. The web site for additional information is The Plant Clinic telephone number is 217-333-0519.

Plant disease problems rarely happen overnight. Insect problems might appear to happen quickly, but are beginning to slow down at this time of year. Get out into the landscape now and look at your plants. If you have a problem and need help, now is the time to act. We are happy to provide lab help before September 15th.--Nancy Pataky

Nancy Pataky

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