Issue 1, April 17, 2009

Newsletter Changes

The Home, Yard, and Garden Pest Newsletter is changing to an internet only publication that is free of charge. The retirement of our editor for many years, Mary Overmier, the subsequent loss of that position, and a decline in subscriptions has resulted in the cessation of editing, designing, and publication by University of Illinois Information Technology and Communications Services. These professional services were paid by the newsletter subscription fees.

This occurs at the same time that the University of Illinois Integrated Pest Management Program is looking to expand its offerings to clientele. The result is that this newsletter will be published through the IPM program and will also be available at their web site: The major authors, Nancy Pataky and myself will be editing each other’s articles.

All of these changes along with other factors have resulting in the newsletter getting started about a week later than normal. As a result, there will be 19 issues this year rather than the customary 20 issues. The next issue will be two weeks from now, but then there will be weekly issues through May, June, and into July. There will be biweekly issues through September, with monthly issues in October and November.

As always, we welcome your suggestions about the newsletter. We are particularly interested in learning about pest situations that you see so that we can provide better information. Disease reports should be sent to Nancy Pataky at:, and insect reports should be sent to myself at: Nixon

Phil Nixon

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